Syrian crisis: a proxy war - | 25/04/2013

The Syrian war has reached its two-year mark without any sign of concession and in fact worsens by day. The Syrian aviation military’s intervention in Lebanese territory clearly demonstrates that the crisis can no longer be considered a bottom-up revolution against a dictatorial regime, but rather a heightened and dangerous inter-regional conflict.

Coachella, the new woodstock - | 21/04/2013

This festival should not be missed. However, I wonder if many of you have ever had the chance to go there. The great Coachella is THE music festival. Everyone is drooling over the line-up, the place is lost in the Californian desert and there are thousands of people each week ends: that’s what has built its reputation for 14 years. If you don’t know it yet, it’s time to! Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival takes place in Indio, California. Right in the middle of the American desert, seven...

"I think these photos are about love, not loss" - Jane Zhang et Antoine Boyet | 12/04/2013

Angelo Merendino, through his photos, deals with emotion the cancer his wife Jennifer - passed last december - was suffering from, on his website « The battle we didn't choose: My wife’s fight with breast cancer ». Interview with Angelo Merendino.

Canada: The Protest Walk of Native Canadians - Flaminia Bondi (Montréal), traduit par Nikola Rajić | 05/04/2013

The protest movement of Canadian native people begun in mid-January is growing stronger

End of the Eldorado for GMOs in Peru - | 13/02/2013

Peru passed a law last December to ban for ten years the imports and the growth of genetic modified organisms (GMOs). "Le Journal International" sheds a light on a decision that splits Latin-American countries in two camps.

Quinoa: Bolivia’s Golden Ticket to Catastrophe - | 05/02/2013

Anyone who’s walked into a health food store or buys organic has probably heard of the “super-food” quinoa. A gluten-free, highly digestible pseudo-grain rich in protein and low in fat, quinoa has become so popular in the western world that the United Nations has declared 2013 as “Year of the Quinoa”. This may something to do with a certain Bolivian president Evo Morales becoming “special ambassador” of the FAO (Food and Agricultural Organization) in June 2012.

Berlin Shoos its Hipsters Out - Clara Mazuir, traduit par Laura-Lise Reymond et Jane Zhang | 05/02/2013

Trendy, bobo, avant-garde, chic non-conformers – otherwise known as hipsters. They have disseminated across Berlin, but their mass settlement comes with consequences. In hipster-caused gentrifying districts, they have become the stigmatized targets of local anti-hipster groups.

2013: Year of Mongolia - Manon Duret, traduit par Laura-Lise Reymond et Jane Zhang | 22/01/2013

Mongolia, once an understated country, is now to become the world’s new energy power. This, at the expense of its population… What do you know about Mongolia? A Mongol Empire with warriors on horses amid giant arid steppes? It is a large and relatively unknown nation… but this could all change. An ex-USSR nation, sandwiched between two powerful neighbors China and Russia, Mongolia begins two gigantic mine operations in 2013 that will undoubtedly disrupt the economy and regional, or even...

eRepublik : When Geopolitics go Virtual - Florent T, traduit par Laura-Lise Reymond et Jane Zhang | 12/01/2013

Almost five years ago, the company eRepublik Labs invited itself in the world of geopolitics simulation online with « eRepublik ». A virtual parallel universe – where the international politics are far different from ours - eRepublik has captured the attention of 200 000 players all over the world. Zoom in on a French community that has trouble maintaining its existence of “eFrance”, on a shattering world stage.

Shrines of a lifetime, part one - Arundhati Wamorkar, correspondante en Inde | 21/11/2012

Whenever we hear the word ‘ Himalaya’; a range of snow peaks, high mountains, crystal clear rivers and flourished hill forests occupies our minds. Maybe most of the western countries and countries from rest of the world look forward to Himalayas as the perfect adventure destination but people from India does not consider the word only as Himalaya but there is another term called ‘ Holy Himalaya’ or ‘sacred Himalaya’ which means a lot to the Hindu people. There is a very strong spiritual thread...
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